Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lya Yang - Special Materials

I'm so sorry this is late. I was doing other homework and completely forgot about posting it on the blog until about ten minutes ago...
Critiques would be welcome! I hate glowing gems.

McKensie Felix - Special Materials

Critique welcome!

Katherine Shelton - Special Materials

Susannah Goodman--Special Materials

Scott Hennessy - Special Materials

I'm posting these again just so I don't accidentally get overlooked when grading. (I posted them early last week)

Still, any critiques are always welcome!

Danielle Powers - Special Materials

I'd appreciate some critique on these. This was my first time tackling some of these materials with these methods, so I would like some feedback on how I did. Thanks :) 

Coleman Brcko - Assignment 3

Darren - Special Material

Caleb Cutler - Special Materials

Alan Ouska's Special Materials

here is this weeks work- Alan Ouska

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Indy Price- Materials

Finished it 5 minutes after midnight I guess thats what I get for making dinner

Sheri- Natural Materials

Coleman Brcko - Assignment 2 Texture Maps

Sam Wilson - Materials

Amanda Bowen - Special Materials

Caleb Cutler-Natural Materials

Alan Ouska's Texture paintings

Jacob Baxter's Natural Materials

Edit: - These fine rocks are now sitting in tar, Wood texture has better lighting.
Due to procrastination, lack of experience, and lack of memory i don't feel like i did as good of a job as I probably capable of, but for this being my first really attempt at digital painting (done the right way) i feel pretty good about my work. let me know what you think.

Scott Hennessy - Natural Surfaces

I struggled with the fur a lot, and the rocks a bit.  Let me know of some things I can improve, or tips to make things a little easier. Love me some critiques, so don't be shy :D