Thursday, December 11, 2014

Katherine Shelton - Elf

Sheri- Face

I've been struggling with the nose; spent way too much time on it, wasn't happy with any of them, and now she doesn't really have one. Really wishing I had cut my losses earlier and worked on the rest of it, but really just need to turn it in at this point.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elf Final; Danielle Powers

My elf, based off a moth species from South Africa and other aboriginal tribe inspirations. Thank you for all the encouragement over the course of this semester, and I hope to have classes with you great artists in the future. Good luck in all your endeavors, guys. c: Critique welcome as always. 

Lya Yang - Elf

I had way too much fun with this assignment, I have literally been waiting all semester to paint faces. I think i might have been a little bit over-ambitious with what i wanted to include though, and ended up not finishing all the details and overall color adjustments that i would have liked. I think the head piece looks a little incomplete because of it, and the silhouette is rather boring. (I thought it was fine but now that i've put it online for people to see i'm suddenly finding all these nitpicky details i want to change. ugh.) Photoshop has also crashed on me at least ten times the past two days which made everything really frustrating, and I still suck at any kind of landscape, but...anyways...
Thank you Mark, I had a lot of fun this semester and I feel like I've learned a lot! :)

McKensie Felix - Elf

Critique welcome!

Susannah Goodman--Elf

Coleman Brcko - Elf Assignment

Here's my elf so far. I'm still working on it, and I'll be resubmitting it.

Isaac Kellis - Wood Elf

David Sadler- female elf

Wood Elf - Alan Ouska

Wood Elf - Alan Ouska

Amanda Bowen - Ardwynn color


Painted face part 2! - Scott

Work In Progress for Critique--Dani Powers

Elf In Progress

Alan Ouska

Sam Wilson - Wood Elf

I ended up liking the bald version better, but here are both!