Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elf Final; Danielle Powers

My elf, based off a moth species from South Africa and other aboriginal tribe inspirations. Thank you for all the encouragement over the course of this semester, and I hope to have classes with you great artists in the future. Good luck in all your endeavors, guys. c: Critique welcome as always. 

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  1. She's gorgeous! I'm insanely jealous of the way you render the jewelry and furs and the textures, they look so realistic and touchable, but still manage to fit in with the overall style really well. The only thing that's bothering me a little is how dark it is overall, though part of it might be my monitor. i know she has dark skin, but the overall values feels a little too low in my opinion. The hand is really well painted, but still feels a little out of place in that it doesn't have the same level of....attention to the character(?) that the rest of the painting does. it looks a little masculine to me, and i think it'd be cool if you added like, a ring, or maybe made the shape a little more specific, rather than just a generic looking hand. That is, of course, totally nit-picking, everything else looks really amazing, nice job!