Thursday, September 18, 2014

Danielle Powers Textures

Alright, here are my textures. Would love some critique on them! C: 


  1. Hey, I love the hair! I was too afraid to do stripes. Yours look great and you really nailed the value ranges while keeping it soft. Your other textures are really good too. I think on the rock you put the highlights on the wrong side of the cracks so it looks like they're catching light from below but its barely noticeable. good job!

  2. I am in LOVE with your metal square. the texture of the dents and the paint look gorgeous and really well done. The colors and the attention to detail on the wood and the rocks is also fabulous, i struggled a lot with the rocks for some reason and i wish they looked more like yours >.> haha. The only critique i really have is maybe for the wooden crate, hit the shadows just a tiny bit more, once you finished the colors. it's not a huge deal, but i think just a little more contrast in the shadows (made by the outer boards) would really make it pop. Also, in the fur, something you could play with in the future is adding one more level of detail with like a 2 or 3 px bush, and painting in just a few stray stands catching the light. it looks awesome the way it is, but also a little bit too neat and perfect for a patch of fur. All in all they look awesome! :D