Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Danielle Powers - Special Materials

I'd appreciate some critique on these. This was my first time tackling some of these materials with these methods, so I would like some feedback on how I did. Thanks :) 


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  2. Wow your gems turned out great! They all turned out super dimensional and clean. I love the red glow around the faceted one. My only critique would be of the skin ball. I feel that the base color for the ball is a little too yellow, and needs to move more orange to make the base color a little peachy-er? So maybe sample your saturated midtone color, go to color picker and increase the saturation and the brightness, and create a new overlay/color layer and paint over the ball with a low opacity brush. Then come back in and get the 20-30% values that around the highlights, and then the highlights themselves. Also, I think it would be beneficial to the dimensionality of the sphere if there was some reflected light on the shadow side of the image.

    All in all, these were really great! Nice job!